Wine shop Albergue do Bonjardim

The Albergue do Bonjardim is a small vineyard dating back to the year 1756. It is situated on a high plateau surrounded by pine trees in the geographical centre of Portugal. The wine process has always remained the same: healthy grapes with concentrated juice, without residue, fermented in granite basins without any added yeast nutrients. The result of intensive attention and care for this wine is an explosion of colour, taste, aroma and a good preservation perspective. The young internationally orientated oenologist Antonio Macanita blends the wine for two types of wine: Albergue do Bonjardim™ a full bodied wine that can be kept for 5-10 years and the reserve Bonjardim™. This wine can be left to ripen for 10 to 20 years. A limited amount of Bonjardim Rose™ is also made every year. Due to the traditional vinification process this is an exquisite product, often with quite a dark colour with a lot of fruit and a dry and yet full complex taste.
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